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Free US Google Play Account and Password Giveaway

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What's Google Play Account?

Google Account

Google Account is a user account that is required for access, authentication and authorization to certain online Google services. It is also often used as single sign on for third party services.

A Google Account can be used as the Google Play Account to sign in and download APPs from the Google Play Store.

Free US Google Play Account and Password

Free US Google Play Account and Password giveaway shared by helps you to unleash your power and unlock region-based restrictions on Google Play Store so that you can download best free unlimited VPNs or region restricted streaming Apps/services in the USA region etc, which you can’t download from other Android device’s APP Store in Mainland China.

Google Play Account:



Or you can use WeChat to scan the QR code as below and follow alotSo channel to get the free US Google Play Account and Password by sending us “G” or “Google” or “谷歌” (*none case sensitive)to retrieve the auto-reply for this information.

WeChat QR Code

How to Use

Step 1: Open Google Play on your Device

Use Sign In button to log in with the Google Play Account and Password described as above.

*If you can’t find Google Play app on your devices, you can download Google Installer from Tencent APP Store etc. to restore the Google services on your Android devices. 

Google Play Step 1

Step 2: Fill in the Google Play Account and Password as above

Tap Sign In button, fill in the Google Play Account and Password. Then tap I Agree button to move forward.

Google Play Step 2

Step 3: Tap Accept with Back up to Google Drive option toggled off

You can find APPs like best free unlimited VPNs to download by going to App Store page and using search to find the APPs you want to download.

Google Play Step 3

Step 4: Tap Profile Picture to Sign Out and Sign In with your own account if you want

Tap the Profile Picture to Manage accounts on this device to remove the account after you finish the download and installation of the APPs. 

Tips and Things You Must Know

  • Use this Google Play Account for your own good and at your own cost, which will not cover the responsibility for you.
  • Don’t try to change the password or upgrade the security options so that others can use it for good.
  • Don’t sign in Settings or leave the Back up to Google Drive option toggled on in case it automatically upload your personal data or even lock your devices.

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  1. William

    Please I need an Apple ID and password please my email
    Am using iOS 14 so I can’t download some certain apps please help me even with Netflix and some upgraded iOS version apps and games

    1. alotVPN

      1. Apple ID:
      2. Pls don’t try to turn on 2F Authentication.
      3. Sign out after use otherwise it will be locked again in case someone else would like to use this ID.
      4. PWD has been changed to Unleashed369.

  2. erik


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